Friday, April 1, 2016

Everything about urine drug test

Urine analysis is minimally invasive, less expensive and can detect even infrequent and recent single use of drugs. Hence, many employers require their potential and existing employees to take urine drug test. If you are an occasional user of some drugs or have used drug recently, you need to find out the best ways for passing the urine drug test, so that you can get or protect the job. There are many products and techniques floating around online for beating the urine drug tests, which include herbs, detoxifier pills, drinks and some foods. You can even find tips to spike your urine sample with adulterants. However, most of them do not really work.

Some people say that drinking plenty of water before a urine test may dilute drug metabolites and put them below the cutoff levels. However, water makes your urine pale and this may indicate the drug testing facility that you have tried to flush. Some people take cranberry juice, coffee, herb tinctures and grape juice several days before the drug test to flush themselves. If you want to use any of these home remedies for passing the urine drug test, ensure that you use a home drug test kit and check whether the results are negative.

Urine you pass in the morning tends to be dirty. If you need to take the urine drug test in the morning, make sure to piss at least twice before appearing for the test. Drinking more fluids and taking some diuretics can help you out in passing the urine drug test.

 If you need to take a urine drug test within one or two days, you will not have time to flush toxins from your body. Then you can take detox drinks available in the market that makes your urine clean temporarily. Detox drinks work by blocking drug metabolites from entering into your urinary tract for a few hours and thereby help you beat the test easily.

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